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Efficiency & Cost Reduction
The real challenge in every department of today’s industries is to have the most reliable and effective logistical solutions possible. This includesLearn more

Whether you are looking for customized or standard wooden packaging STEA has the equipment, knowledge and experience to produce and store tailor made, high quality products.

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Sorting & handling
Wooden packaging has to be kept in good condition and meet national and international regulations to ensure carrying capacity and safety. With effectiLearn more
Repairs & Recycling
STEA takes responsibility for its environment by making sure every part of the wooden packaging cycle is well thought through, optimized and utilized Learn more
Transport & Tracking
STEA offer fast and secure transports throughout mainly northern Europe. Our transport solutions combine STEA Transport Euro 6 vehicles and partnershiLearn more
Storage & Warehousing
To store and handle wooden packaging in an effective and secure way is a challenge for many companies. It often leads to unnecessary workloads and leaLearn more
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